"Tachyon Energy Cells focus Source Energy for fast healing and balancing"

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Tachyon Meditation Kit

Tachyon Meditation Kit

The Tachyon Meditation Kit contains a Tachyon Velcro Headband, a 24mm Tachyon Energy Cell, that fits into the secret pocket in the Headband, and a 15 minute Resonant Music Track that is designed to raise your vibration for swift alignment resulting in deep and profound meditation.

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Tachyon Ultra Micro Disks

These new Ultra Micro Disks exploit the extraordinary phenomena of bouncing, the field that is created when two directional Cells are placed facing each other. 


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Tachyon Water (Video) What Can It Do For You?

Tachyon Water (Video) What Can It Do For You?

I'm often asked about the benefits of Tachyon Water and why you should take it regularly so thought it would be a good idea to make a short video answering some of the most frequently asked questions.

Watch the video to find out what the difference is between charged water and Tachyon Water and find out extra ways to use it too.

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Tachyon Energy Cells Focus Chi Energy!

Tachyon Energy CellsTachyon Energy Cells for increased energy, healing, stress relief, meditation, strength and focus in martial arts training and much much more!

Tachyon Energy Cells direct Chi, Life Force Energy, the Source Energy in a focused beam into any part of the body to remove blockages, relieve pain, balance an area and soothe the stress of an out of sync system or one that is low in energy. Tachyon Eneergy works directly in conjunction with the Law of Attraction by aligning you with Source and raising your Point of Attraction.

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Tachyon Water

Tachyon Water

Tachyon Water carries Life Force Energy to every cell of your body and is a powerful and easy way to achieve high energy levels.

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Tachyon Headbands

Tachyon Headbands are amazing and draw massive amounts of Tachyon Energy into the whole head area and synchronise the left and right side of the brain.

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Tachyon Star Stones

Tachyon Energy Dichroic Activators


These multi coloured, multi faceted jewels are portals for the enduring energy of the universe, the Source Energy, a personal channel for you alone, a treasure to cherish and know that it is supporting you in your growth, your love, your ways of being, a very special device to allow your energy to expand and embrace all of Creation, letting the patterns become a part of you in your search for the truth.

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Etherium Keys

Tachyon Energy Etherium Keys


Etherium Keys are very specific solutions to assist all stages of our evolution.

The first to be unveiled is The Manifester, a precise blend of Etherium Gold, Tachyon Water and a vibrational preparation of an ancient Healing Water.

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Life Without Panic Attacks

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