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How Tachyon Energy Changed My Life

I first came across Tachyon Energy when my daughter was unwell. It came as a terrible shock to me when she was finally diagnosed as being diabetic. I was told the disease was irreversible but I refused to accept her condition as permanent or that there was nothing that could be done because I had studied homoeopathy and natural remedies for over 20 years and knew how effective holistic healing could be. So my quest began. I scoured the world for answers and any recent research. Several ancient ayurvedic remedies were uncovered as well as a treatment with essential oils that a doctor at Cairo University was having success with, but all of them proved too harsh for her young body and she could not tolerate the unpleasant side effects.

Witnessing the shock that our daughter's diagnosis was having on the whole family, my sister recommended Reiki treatments to de-stress the situation. My husband and I subsequently decided to take a course in Reiki which is a natural system of healing that enhances the flow of Life Force Energy through the hands. It was at this time that I read about Tachyon Energy and the amazing results it was having on many thousands of individuals throughout the world.

We had only just become accustomed to the idea of an endless supply of Life Force Energy flowing through our hands and the wonderful changes that were occurring and now here was someone trying to tell us that it could flow through pieces of glass that could be taped onto the body! I was intrigued and ordered several of these with which to experiment. Quite by chance, and as if on cue, an old neck injury of mine flared up, one I had suffered with for over fifteen years.

About twice a year the two discs at the top of my neck would separate and decide to go their separate ways, normally after sleeping awkwardly, and I had had to use special pillows for years to prevent my head from falling to one side as I slept. I taped one of my new Tachyon Energy Cells over the disc I could feel sticking out slightly and over the next four days I felt a grinding and grating sensation whenever I moved my head gently.

On the fifth morning I woke to find everything back in place. In the past, every time it had ‘gone out’ I had needed at least 3 painful osteopathic treatments to reposition the discs. I was absolutely overjoyed and couldn’t believe how painless it had been achieved. Another interesting thing had been the dreams and thoughts that had arisen during those four days, all were obviously connect to real events at the time of the original injury. It was as if the cause of the problem had now been dealt with and resolved at a very deep level. I have had no more problems since then.

Soon after my incredible experience I started taping Energy Cells on myself and others wherever there was pain or injury with equally startling results. As much as I had seen and experienced these results myself it wasn’t until I saw the regenerative power of Tachyon Energy on animals that I completely ruled out the placebo effect.

A friend of mine's 17 year old cat had been enduring monthly steroid injections because of failing kidneys before treatment with Tachyon. The visits to the vet were so traumatic for her that I started giving her Tachyon Water morning and night to try and help alleviate the stress this was causing her. Within days of starting the Water her coat became glossy and she began behaving like a kitten, knocking everything down from high shelves that she had not been able to do for years! Two weeks later after a routine blood test it was revealed that her urea levels were normal and her enzyme levels (which steadily climb as a cat ages, which makes them prone to kidney failure) had returned to those of a five year old. The vet said, 'I don’t know what you’re doing but stick at it', and signed her off with a clean bill of health.

I started treating a friend for ME with a certain degree of success but things were moving slowly until she expressed her concern about the electromagnetic fields that she was afraid were affecting her children as they continually sat too close to the television. I fitted Tachyon Silica Disks over her fuses to neutralise the EMFs within her home primarily to protect her children but in a matter of days she herself reported increased energy, reduced fatigue and muscle pain. This spurred me on to further research the effects of electromagnetic fields and the many devastating illnesses that the twentieth century seems to have caused and I have since found the same reaction for many of these diseases - they all react positively as soon as the EMFs in the home are dealt with using the Silica Disks. This has also since led me to use the Silica Disks to successfully protect people from geopathic stress, another unseen danger which is ruining people’s lives on a large scale.

Tachyon Energy itself does not heal but rather provides the body with what it needs to restore balance and heal itself. When there is pain or disease the afflicted parts are out of balance and if the area is left out of balance then the pain or disorder continues to affect more and more of the adjoining areas of the body but if the area can be brought back to balance then the body’s natural healing abilities are unequalled in restoring the affected part to full health.

I began to understand that this was how all natural therapies endeavour to heal, but the drawbacks seem to be that most therapies use certain frequencies which work superbly if the correct frequency of the problem can be matched (as in an experienced homoeopath choosing the correct remedy) but all too often it is a hit and miss affair.

This is the beauty of Tachyon and the fundamental reason why Tachyon Energy hits the spot time and time again because it is non frequency (non-hertzian) and there is no complicated prescribing or matching up required by an experienced practitioner. Tachyon Energy contains all healing energies, as it is the source energy, and when applied to the body it is as if the body ‘drinks’ deeply exactly what is needed at that particular moment to promote healing. The other drawback to frequency therapies is the harsh way the body can be pushed out of balance if the wrong frequency is chosen or even if the correct one is chosen but is continued for too long.

The sun as photon energy is a perfect example of this - thirty to forty minutes a day of direct sunlight may be beneficial but anything in excess of this can be detrimental. This cannot happen with Tachyon because our organism utilises only the amount it requires to restore balance.

We are all unique individuals therefore no two rejuvenating experiences will be the same, but you can expect an increased absorption of nutrients, overall increased energy, improved circulation and brain function as a by product of using Tachyon products.

Although a special consultation and treatment can greatly accelerate the healing process, it is easy and safe for individuals to tape the various sized Tachyon Energy Cells over imbalanced or painful areas to achieve total rebalancing and rejuvenation.

In addition to the Energy Cells, the Tachyon Water, which is taken a few drops twice a day, energizes the entire body by drawing Life Force Energy to every single cell. It is like having your own personal energy supply on tap.

Many people go on to use Tachyon to meditate as the headbands help focus and concentrate the mind and through meditation they find a peace which enhances every aspect of their lives. There is a wide range of products all designed to direct Tachyon Energy in the most efficient way to different parts of the body and the range ends with a line of superbly made massage oils and face creams to smooth and nourish the skin - to help make you look as young as you feel better!

I am finding it very rewarding and exciting to be using Reiki, one of the oldest known healing methods, in combination with Tachyon, this most contemporary, non-invasive healing technology.

First published in Aquarius Magazine December 1997 (adapted)


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How Tachyon Energy Changed My Life

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