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Star Stones

These multi coloured, multi faceted jewels are portals for the enduring energy of the universe, for Tachyon Energy, the Source Energy, a personal channel for you alone, a treasure to cherish and know that it is supporting you in your growth, your love, your ways of being, a very special device to allow your energy to expand and embrace all of Creation, letting the patterns become a part of you in your search and yearning for the truth.

Keeping them in your energy field gives you a perpetual source of the energy that will transform your very being into light, perfection, giving you the potential to be all you want to be and for the seed the Creator planted in you to become a reality.

The Star Stones were created to nourish the entire energy system supporting the emotional body and deepening spiritual experience. They are not directional and were created to suffuse Tachyon Energy into the entire energy system, reaching out to all the subtle bodies.

They become very personal, the dichroic essence is individual and over the first few days a bonding process takes place whereby the dichroic blueprint attunes to your greatest issue and continues supporting and championing your biggest life challenge and all the issues and many places and journeys that that will take you.

These Star Stones are not for physical pain relief but for spiritual and emotional pain, the pain of being in a spiritual wilderness. They have the power to support and sustain your personal growth and, as we know, as our purpose and will strengthens our bodies very often follow suit.

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