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'With Reiki I am spoiled, and now with Tachyon really spoiled'

'Tachyon .... healing for the benefit of the whole planet.'

'Am feeling more focused now for getting what I want from life'

'She has had incredible results as the bone has restructured '

'I have not had to visit the remedial masseur since owning my Vitalizer Belt'

'Phone Cell seems to be working..... no more buzzing or pinging in my head'

'My past tiredness has really lifted'

'The Tachyon Cell is working beautifully'

Dear Ms. Quinn,

With Reiki I am spoiled, and now with Tachyon really spoiled. My Reiki has gone right up thanks to Tachyon.


Charles P. Slater

Dear Nicola,

I would like to order some more Tachyon Water, it's brilliant. Thank you again for the info, it seems to me Tachyon is the natural progression of vibrational medicine/healing for the benefit of the whole planet.

In light,

Sharon Miles

Dear Nicola,

Thanks for all you are doing. Am feeling more focused now for getting what I want from life which I think is down to the Tachyon Belt.

With regards,

Sally Phillips

Dear Nicola,

A friend told me about a recent accident involving his wife, during a horse riding accident the horse fell on her. I tuned in and gave him some Panther Juice, Ultra Freeze and a T75 Cell to take home for his wife. She had a very serious injury of the vertebrae but after using the Ultra Freeze the pain was gone. She used the T75 on her spine and during sleep on the coccyx area. She has had incredible results as the bone has restructured and the x-rays made the classic doctors look very silly.

A great thankyou,

Panos Sotiriou

Dear Nicola,

We have had a very positive experience with the Panther Juice last weekend when our daughter fell and twisted her foot. She wasn't able to put her weight on it afterwards because it hurt so much. When we got home we rubbed Panther Juice and put the Wristband round her foot. Within half an hour her foot was much less painful and within an hour she was running around as if nothing had happened!

Michel and I have both used the Chakra Balancing Kit and we felt wonderful afterwards! In addition they are really beautiful to look at. Michel has also been using the T-15 RO Cell and his digestion has improved! So, so far all is well.

With very best wishes,

Shelagh Probst

Dear Nicola,

I have not had to visit the remedial masseur since owning my Vitalizer Belt, for three and a half years now. It gives me extra strength for fencing. I also spend 3 months a year tractor driving constantly having a stiff neck, not any more! Should any of your clients wish to speak to me, please feel free to give them my number. It is so effective if I do not wear it and lounge around my old symptoms reappear, put the belt on and it clears up within a couple of hours.

Yours sincerely,

Stephen Limb

Hi Nicola,

I am so much better with Tachyon especially the Vitalizer Belt. It has really helped my back aches and pains, as I told you on the phone I broke my back many years ago. As soon as I put on the Vitalizer Belt my daughter noticed I was standing up much more erect, I felt a lightness a feeling of ease, it was wonderful. I wore the Belt for four days and I really did notice a difference, even when I took it off I felt so much lighter in my step it was great. I only use the Belt now if I know I am going to be physically active or if I feel any aches, otherwise I'm fine. Just knowing it's there if I need it is such a comfort.

Well the Phone Cell seems to be working, no ill effects from my mobile, no more buzzing or pinging in my head, great. I took the Tachyonized Silica Gel as instructed, at first the stiffness seemed to get worse in my ankle and fingers but as the weeks went by they seem to be loosening up a bit.

The velcro Headband is good too, if I'm feeling low or have a headache, I just put the Headband on and all becomes calm. I use the Headband quite a lot it just makes me feel good. Also the scarf you sent my daughter, she loves the colour and the effect she gets from it.

Well that's all for now.

Best wishes,

Miles Scott

Dear Nicola,

It was very helpful talking to you on the phone. The Tachyon Cell is working beautifully, taped below my navel. I'm sure the Tachyon Energy is helping me move in new directions. My past tiredness has really lifted and I can cope so much better physically and emotionally. I hope we can talk again soon.

Sincere good wishes,

Rosemary Dyson

Dear Nicola,

It was good to speak to you over the phone. It is amazing to me that you could tell that my right side was over active. When I came off the phone I tested with the pendulum and the right brain was 18½ and the left was 15. I put on the Headband and in no time they both came together at 16.

I don't know how you can work on my subtle bodies at a distance but thank you for doing that and for sending the Tachyon.

Kind regards,

Bob Robertson

Extraordinary Healing

I first met Nicola - oh, it must have been about six or seven years ago now - at a Mind, Body Spirit exhibition. I was there to give a lecture on holistic relationships and after my presentations were over, I wandered around the exhibition. My eyes were attracted by sparkling, beautiful coloured things that looked like diamonds and I pushed my way through the people around the stand to take a closer look.

I got talking to Nicola and we struck up an immediate rapport. She told me about Tachyon and her work with Energy Systems and I bought a beautiful red Tachyon cell to try out for myself what could be done with this intriguing new technology. I still have that red cell and had a silversmith set it for me so I can wear it as a pendant, only last year.

Nicola became interested in my work in return, and for the past two years we have been working together at the very cutting edge of energy therapy technology and approaches.

Her input has been essential in more ways than can be listed. Nicola has outstanding perceptivity and a true talent for reading, understanding and healing energetic injuries; her work with family fields, for example, and Earth energies is at least on a par with the best energy healers in the world.

Her intuitive abilities that guide her straight to the cause of a disturbance, be it manifested in physicality or in thoughts and fears, are simply awesome. What I like most about her though is that in spite of all of this, she is absolutely down to earth, practical, compassionate and insightful. In spite of all she can do, all I have seen her do and experienced her do, Nicola always retains a sense of humour and a perspective which is such a refreshing change.

She has helped me personally through not a few crisis points with gentle, yet powerfully aligned guidance and support and has absolutely enabled me to regain focus and clarity on myself, my work and my life.

Nicola's energetic healing is extraordinary. It is not bound by time nor space and it addresses areas of past hurt and pain that simply cannot be reached in any other way.

I salute a fellow healer of the highest calibre.

With my love and best wishes,

Silvia Hartmann PhD
May 2001


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